Monday, February 1, 2016

Caucus Day Paintings

Below are several small paintings I did last week. There is something that feels very intimate and personal about small works. I think that is a big reason for the popularity of small works shows around the United States each year. Of course, there are other draws such as the opportunity for new collectors to more easily enter the world of art collecting. Or being able to finish off that small nook that needs something special.

For the artist, working small has a way of grounding your work and preparing you for larger paintings. When someone is having trouble with his work I often recommend that they work small for a while to help work out the kinks. Yes, small paintings have many advantages for both the collectors and artists alike.

Calm Water, 8x10, oil
Feeding in the Surf, 9x12, oil

Lazy Days, 9x12, oil

Early Walker, 9x12, oil