Monday, June 12, 2017

Silver Lake, Ocracoke Island sketch

Silver Lake - Ocracoke Island, watercolor sketch, 7x11, (click to bid)

Without doubt, Ocracoke Island is my favorite destination. It is where I go to recuperate, recharge, become inspired, paint, gather reference material, and just have fun Oh, I forgot, I also go to FISH. Much of the reference material I use during the year comes from my yearly visits to the island.

Most of Ocracoke is undeveloped and part of the pristine Hatteras National Seashore. The small historic village is located at the southernmost end of the island and has a fascinating history attached to it. Ferry's from three locations bring visitors and any supplies to the island throughout the year. In the summer the island is bustling with activity but once the school year begins things are different. The island slows down and almost breaths a sigh of relief as the summer dissolves into fall. Now the fishermen come to the island and the pace is much slower.

Silver Lake is the harbor that the village surrounds and is where this sketch originated. I really love  painting these little watercolor sketches and hope that you will enjoy it also. Thanks so much for your visit!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Samish Bay Study

Samish Bay Study, Watercolor, 7" x 11"   (click to bid)

Samish Bay is a watercolor study I painted from a trip to Washington State when I attended the 2016 National Impressionist Show which I was juried into. During the weekend of the show I would take off between events to paint and photograph areas of the beautiful inlets and sounds of the Washington coast.

I use these studies for studio paintings that I do at a later time. As an artist, studies like these have the ability to take you back to the place and time of your visit. This in turn helps boost your creativity and understanding of the subject you paint. Painting from life, whether outside or in the studio, is always the best way to increase your abilities as an artist. The next best thing for me is painting from a study you created while on location.

I am offering these studies as an inexpensive way to purchase original artwork! Just click on the "click to bid" link under the image and you will be directed to my auction page. The image is 7" x 11" with an additional 1/2" painted border all around for framing purposes. The paper is Canson 140lb French watercolor paper and is acid free.

Thanks so much for dropping by!