Friday, August 12, 2011

Hydrangea and Peach

When we think about seasons of the year, certain images comes to mind. Those images are part of the reason we anticipate (or sometimes dread) a certain seasons. Think about it; fall and apples, winter and snow, spring and daffodils, summer and the beach. What do you reminisce about?

Another set of summer images that play in my mind are depicted in the painting above. The hydrangea bushes in my yard in all their glory and peaches from the local orchards. Both have significance to me beyond their beauty as mere objects. Memories from my life are triggered by simple objects such as these. Possibly I reminisce too much, but my recollections are always with me. They give my life a richness that is both pleasurable and painful. It is one of the main reasons I paint - I want to share what is important to me. Even if it is just hydrangeas and peaches.

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  1. memory, the compilation -- reminder of who we are and where we've been. yes, pleasure AND pain. But for now, seeing Hydrangea and Peach and reading this entry, I am reminded of so many drives from Winston-Salem to Myrtle Beach in the late fifties and into the sixties -- we ALWAYS stopped at roadside stands on the way to hydrate on those lovely peaches - peach juiciness covering face, my brother and me, smiles, anticipation of soon riding surf -- thanks again for your posts ;o]