Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sandpiper study

Sandpiper study, 5 x 7, oil, (click to bid)

As spring progresses I dream more and more of the beach. I can see my wife looking for shells as I dream of the smell of salt, the sound of the waves, and seeing the birds. One of the birds I think about are the multitude of Sandpipers and Sanderlings. They are ever present, working the beach for morsels, chasing the waves and then running as the waves chase them.

That is one of the reasons I paint so many shore birds. It is just a love affair. Something I can't seem to get enough of. As I write this, my iTunes play the sounds of the surf and the life that accompanies that habitat - yeah, those of you who know me knows it plays the same thing every day of the year. Crazy old man... I can't be there now but that's OK. Maybe soon.

Thanks for dropping by.

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