Thursday, July 7, 2011

2011 Birds in Art - Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum

"Solitude" American White Ibis, 24" x 30", oil on linen - this is my 2011 Birds in Art painting
 This year I have the honor of being one of the artist included in Leigh Yawkey Woodson’s Birds in Art exhibit in Wausau, Wisconsin. It is always a thrill to be included in the lineup of artist from all over the globe. My painting is one of approximately 112 accepted entries that will hang in the exhibition.

This year the museum has asked the artist to consider contributing one or two small (4 x 6) paintings that the museum will sell during the opening as a fund raiser to help the museum. I am so happy to be able to help the Woodson museum with this.

You have to understand how the artists are taken care of while they attend the exhibit. Besides travel expenses, most other cost are taken care of by the museum. Large exquisite dinners are provided along with lodging for the artist and their guest. Transportation to all events (there are many) in tour buses is a great place where I have met and talked with artist from all over the world. Events with sponsors and the general public opening are heavy with opportunities for promotion with various media representatives. For instance, the last time I attended (2009) the Wall Street Journal sent a reporter to cover the exhibit. And the last event of the weekend is a trip north to the Woodson’s family compound where the artists are treated to an incredible picnic, boat rides, nature walks, games, and just general relaxation.

So it is with great joy that I am able to contribute back to a museum that has given such great support to me and so many other artist all over the world. I will be beginning to paint the small paintings today – we will see what I come up with!

You can read a more thorough article (and see many photos) about my last Birds in Art (2009) on my website by clicking on the following link:  note: I have two websites running now – this link is to the site that I will be closing out soon – when I close it out the site this article will be on my new site (the link for the new site is on my profile)

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