Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Artistic Journey

A local publication (Winston-Salem Monthly) wrote an article about my art which was included in their July issue. The link is to their web edition of the issue. I really enjoyed working with the folks at the magazine.

Being interviewed like this really makes you think about your philosophy and process and put it into words. Putting it into words has never been easy for me - it hurts my head! I think that is why painting is so important to me because it is how I communicate easily. So I am going to try harder to develop my verbal communication as it seems that it is being required more of me. So much for hiding in my comfort zones...


  1. Hi Ralph--I'll be your first follower and commentator! Can't wait to see more of your work. Your beach scene is nice and your title background is fabulous. You should post the full painting. Blogging has helped me to press on with painting. Hope it motivates you also. Blessings!

  2. Ha! Thanks Stephanie - I feel like I need to send you a prize or something! I am new to the technology so I don't even know if you will get notification of this comment - probably not - I probably need to send you a message from your blog or something...mmm..this is going to take a bit to know what I am doing...

  3. Love your statement regarding "talent." So many people believe a master pianist was sitting quietly in his mother's arms when God passed overhead, dropped a load of giftedness onto the child, and said, "There! Go play the piano. You have the gift. No need to practice 6 hours a day from early childhood." I can easily see the frustration you tolerated and overcame in your magnificent work. You said it well (and I paraphrase) when you said you had to LEARN how to capture the moment and best express it such that the image is honest and also conveys the emotion you felt. Wow! Thank you.