Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paying it Forward

"Sisters", 14 x 18, oil on linen

Besides posting my latest paintings, part of my intention is to also explain my technique and thoughts for those of you who might be curious. Part of my job as an artist is to pass on what I have been taught by those who have so freely given to me. I have been blessed by the teachings of many great artists who have encouraged me with their instruction.

There is the tendency among some artists to be stingy with the “secrets” of their success. Most of this really arises out of a fear of competition. The problem is most of what we learn we are taught by others – a treasure that has been entrusted to us to be passed along to future generations. How can we let that knowledge end with us? Our job is to add to the chest and pass it forward.

The overall importance of art is far larger then our individual efforts. So we must pass on encouragement. We all need to pay it forward

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